Monument Valley Engineers, Inc.


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C                                                                   David R. Gorman, P.E.
Charles C. Crum, P.E.                                                                                                  David R. Gorman, P.E.
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Vonnie Crum                                                                                       Kaylee Meddings
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M.V.E., Inc. was founded in Colorado Springs in 1981 by Charles C. Crum, P.E. Mr. Crum has practiced engineering for forty-one years, thirty-seven of which, he has been the owner of private firms. Mr. Crum provides valuable experience and insight to projects.

David R. Gorman, P.E. joined M.V.E., Inc. in 1993. Mr. Gorman has practiced engineering for twenty-three years. As part owner of the firm, Mr. Gorman participates on most engineering projects.

Charles and David are both Registered Professional Engineers in the State of Colorado and are also members of the American Society of Civil Engineers.